Laser eye surgery was first performed to correct near-sightedness in Germany in 1988. Since then it has quickly spread throughout the world and is available in most developed countries. It has been particularly popular in Europe, Asia, and North America, especially the USA and Canada. In the USA, the FDA first approved an excimer laser to be used for laser eye surgery in 1995. The excimer laser was approved for use in LASIK in the USA in 1998.

LASIK is perhaps the most popular elective surgery available today. It is estimated that over 1,000,000 LASIK procedures are performed annually in the USA.


LASIK surgeons and clinics are available in all major cities including New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Antonio, San Jose, Milwaukee, Boston, and San Diego.

There are also LASIK clinics and surgeons available in every state in the United States including

New York, California, Colorado, and New Jersey.

There are more than 5,000 LASIK surgeons who are performing LASIK eye surgery.

General Information

With increased interest in LASIK, there have been an increased number of LASIK providers as well. While LASIK eye surgery is considered to be a very safe and effective treatment in general, patients would be advised to select a LASIK surgeon with caution. Despite the increased advantage of advanced technology, the LASIK surgeon is still considered to be a vital and important part of the treatment and the selection process is vital in improving the chances of a good result.

In addition to selecting the correct LASIK surgeon, it is helpful to know the technology that is available today. LASIK technology has changed rapidly over the years and LASIK providers who have not kept up with the advancements could possibly be harming their patients. Good results with your surgery depend upon a variety of factors, including experience, skill, technology, wise decision-making, good patient selection, and good people skills. Each of the factors can affect the results of your surgery.

LASIK eye surgery has brought happiness and freedom from glasses and contact lenses to millions of people. The vast majority of LASIK patients is very satisfied with the results and would recommend their friends to have the procedure. A very small minority experience side effects or complications which leads them to regret their decision to undergo LASIK surgery. These side effects can range from mild temporary irritation to long term visual problems and possibly even loss of vision.

Please consider all the information provided before contacting your local LASIK providers. It is often wise to contact several LASIK surgeons so that you can determine which surgeon is providing the best possible service and will offer the best chance at having good LASIK results. While it is often difficult for someone outside of the business to weigh the factors in making a good decision, this web site will offer a variety of information to offer you a better opportunity for good LASIK results.

More Specific Information

LASIK articles are written periodically with respect to more specific information including information regarding clinics and surgeons in various markets, new technology, what to watch out for, and other information related to LASIK. As a service we also post articles dealing with other eye-related issues not specifically dealing with LASIK but often of interest to our readers.