Milwaukee LASIK Eye Surgery

Milwaukee is famous for its small town atmosphere in a port city on Lake Michigan. Milwaukee is well-known for its restaurants, its beer, and its connection with Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Milwaukee could also be a great choice for having LASIK surgery.

LASIK eye surgery and laser vision correction in Milwaukee has grown in popularity since it obtained FDA approval in the 1990’s. There are a dozen LASIK practices in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that offer the LASIK procedure. These Milwaukee LASIK practices vary in technology used, skills of the LASIK doctors, and reputation of the LASIK clinics.

What to look for in a LASIK surgery center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

LASIK Technology – LASIK technology has advanced rapidly over the previous decade. Upgrades are available nearly every year from the LASIK laser manufacturers. Make certain that your LASIK surgeon has the newest LASIK upgrades available in the Milwaukee area. While there are several brands of excimer laser that can produce good LASIK results, so it is important that the laser vision correction is performed with the most advanced LASIK equipment. A LASIK surgeon can only be as good as the equipment that is used and the familiarity with the equipment.

Here are some of the newer and more advanced LASIK upgrades that are available.

Excimer Laser – There are a variety of excimer lasers that are available for LASIK today in Milwaukee. There is no one exact brand that is the best but the quality of the LASIK surgery can depend on the type of excimer laser that is used. First and foremost be certain that the excimer laser used is FDA approved. Some Mlwaukee LASIK surgeons might use non-FDA approved laser. Also make sure that they have all the latest upgrades available. Some excimer lasers are not capable of wavefront surgery. These lasers are considered outdated by many of the best LASIK surgeons and should be avoided. There is not a good reason for not having the newest upgrades, especially eye tracking and custom wavefront LASIK.

Wavefront LASIK (also called custom LASIK) – Every Milwaukee LASIK surgeon should have upgraded to wavefront LASIK. There is no excuse not to. While wavefront LASIK cannot be applied to every single case, it is certainly beneficial in the majority of cases. The best surgeons use wavefront LASIK in at least 75% of their treatments if not more. If your doctor in Milwaukee does not have wavefront LASIK, that doctor is certainly behind the times. If the surgeon does not offer you wavefront LASIK ask why? Ask for them to perform a wavefront analysis on you even if you do not undergo wavefront LASIK. At least you will know they have the machine. Some eye doctors will suggest that it is not beneficial because they don’t have that machine available to them.

Experience – All Milwaukee LASIK surgeons are not equal. There are LASIK surgeons in Milwaukee who have over 6 to 8 years of experience in laser vision correction and there are others who are newer to the field. Don’t allow a surgeon to practice on your eyes. Make certain that the LASIK surgeon has performed over 6,000 procedures and is very experienced with the technology that is being used. In Milwaukee, there are likely several LASIK surgeons who meet this qualification.

Iris Registration – This improvement in LASIK is nearly as valuable as wavefront custom LASIK. While it is not usable in every case, it is important. A patient’s eye can rotate 3-5 degrees or more when lying down. Iris registration accounts for this torsion and recalculates the treatment to adjust for the rotation. This can be extremely important in cases of high astigmatism and is important to correct application of any wavefront LASIK treatment. There are Milwaukee LASIK centers that use Iris Registration.

Intralase (also called bladeless or bladefree LASIK) – One of the most complicated parts of LASIK is the making of a flap. Intralase can decrease this risk in many patients. It does not need to be used for every patients but a LASIK surgeon should have this available in case it will provide added safety for that patients. Ask your Milwaukee LASIK surgeon if Intralase is available if needed.

Doctor Accolades – LASIK surgeons in Milwaukee will claim a number of awards to demonstrate their success and quality. Many of these awards are more bogus than real and are worth very little as any doctor willing to pay a fee can receive similar awards. Beware of awards from media organizations or organization that are supposedly rating the quality of doctors. There are no real organizations that rate the skill of a LASIK surgeon so don’t trust a doctor based on supposed awards they have received.

Even the medical school is of limited worth in determining the skill of a surgeon. It is more important to learn where the doctor received the specialty training. It is also important to visit more than one LASIK surgeon.

Patient Care – Milwaukee residents should expect a high quality of patient care. Make certain that the staff is competent and provides you with ample time to address all your questions. You should not have to stress that some of your questions were not answered. The best Milwaukee LASIK centers will make certain there patients are relaxed and ready for surgery.

Results – It is difficult to confirm the success of a particular surgeon. In the Milwaukee area there are several successful surgeons. Ask about your particular doctor’s rate of enhancement and chance of achieving 20/20 vision. No doctor is 100% successful. If a doctor tells you that they don’t ever perform enhancements are that they have 100% of patients seeing 20/20 then they are lying.

Milwaukee can provide you with excellent LASIK surgeons. I would advise visiting more than one so that you can compare the facilities and find one you are comfortable with.

Advertising – Some Milwaukee doctors advertise low prices in order to bring in more customers. Remember that you get what you pay for. The best surgeons in Milwaukee will not be competing on price. They have a high volume of return patients and don’t need extremely high levels of advertising or very low prices to compete. Excessive advertising is a sign that a LASIK practice is getting a low return on patient referrals. This is a bad sign.

In Milwaukee LASIK can provide you the freedom of vision that you want. Search carefully so that you can have the best chances of good LASIK surgery results. Visit a number of LASIK surgeons in Milwaukee and select the one you feel most comfortable with.